Ryna Running

Goal-Oriented programs designed with you in mind.

Whether you're looking to get back into shape after a years-long hiatus, or an elite athlete reaching for that next level, I'm here to help.


Weekly Coaching

Looking to get training advice, have someone build you a plan, and also check in with you several times a week? We'll spend the time to talk about your goals and progress each week, and even tailor your plan if something un-expected pops up.

Independent plans

This is where I take your goals, work-Life balance, and training history into account to write a perfectly tailored plan for just you. Have a question about the plan after seeing it? Let me know and I'll gladly help you get the wind back in your sails.

In-Person VIP

Looking for one-on-one dedicated attention from an expert?
This service will allow you to get Hands-On level service, Guided Workouts and Stretches, Questions Answered, Demonstrations of Drills and Exercises, and much more.




Hiring Ryan has been the best decision I made for my personal fitness and my running! 

When I began this journey a year ago, I had signed up for a race and came in dead last... I decided to hire Ryan that same week.

Since that time, my strength, speed, and endurance has improved exponentially. I have now won my age group multiple times and even placed in the top ten at various races.

Ryan adapted my weekly training plans to my busy schedule. He embraced my goals, taught me to love the process, built self confidence in me and helped me to achieve my goal of running a 50K on my 50th birthday.

Ryan’s positive coaching style and knowledge of running is invaluable, and I am excited to keep working with him in the future.



A Bit about Me

Athlete, Coach, Mentor

Life is a complicated mess. Things pop up all the time and change our plans in an instant. This can be anything from unexpected family visits to traumatic hospital trips. 

I’ve been through it too. Like you, I was doing my best to stay fit.  One day while biking to work I was hit by the dreaded worst-case scenario. At a high-speed intersection, a car suddenly turned in front of me, sending me over the handlebars and into the hospital with multiple broken bones. When I finally went home again I did so in a wheelchair and with more broken bones and stitches than I could count.

I spent a long time wondering if I would ever be able to run again. Several doctors told me I wouldn’t even walk. Through my recovery process I learned patience, but also persistence and determination. 

Sometimes things don’t have to all go your way for you to keep making progress, and a little progress everyday can have monumental results over time. Now, I am in the best shape of my life and helping others do the same for themselves.

Whatever is holding you back, whether it’s a live-in mother-in-law, starting line anxiety or a history of injuries; let me take the guesswork out of getting back into the best shape of your life.

Your goals are calling.


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh